Trusses versus Stick Frames

It is common knowledge within the industry that when you include labor and material costs together, it is less expensive to build with trusses than conventional framing.

The Wood Truss Council worked with the Building Systems Council of NAHB to sponsor the Framing the American Dream® project. For the first time, two identical house plans were completely framed using two different methods. One was stick framed and one was built with wood trusses for the floor and roof, and wall panels were used instead of standard stud framing.​ Check out these videos!

BCMC Build 2015: Side by Side Comparison
FRAMING THE AMERICAN DREAM: Roof Truss Data for Framers

Still Aren’t Convinced? Check out this chart of savings!

Two identical 2,600 sq. ft. homes. One framed conventionally and the other built with engineered trusses. How did they compare?

Floor truss construction cheaper than stick frame

Roof truss construction cheaper than stick frame